Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Organized Crime Defined

The Criminal Code of Canada states:

467.1 (1) The following definitions apply in this Act.

"criminal organization" means a group, however organized, that

(a) is composed of three or more persons in or outside Canada; and

(b) has as one of its main purposes or main activities the facilitation or commission of one or more serious offences that, if committed, would likely result in the direct or indirect receipt of a material benefit, including a financial benefit, by the group or by any of the persons who constitute the group."

Harper got it right, the liberal party is involved in organized crime, and the Criminal Code of Canada and Gomery clearly indicate that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Smell a Liberal Rat - Dingwall

David Dingwall a no-show before committee News Staff

Former Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall was a no-show before a Commons committee on Monday, when he was expected to give an accounting of his lobbying activities.

Dingwall, who resigned in September after questionable spending practices during his tenure as head of the Royal Canadian Mint, failed to show up at the committee on government operations and estimates.

His no-show may have spared the Liberals further scandal-tinged embarrassment on the eve of an election campaign.

But his absence angered opposition members enough that the committee voted 9 to 1 to issue a summons for Dingwall to show up at 9 a.m. today -- half an hour before Prime Minister Paul Martin is expected to visit Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean to request that she dissolve Parliament and call an immediate election.

"I don't care if we have to drag him here in handcuffs in the back of a paddy wagon," said NDP MP Pat Martin, who introduced the motion to issue the summons.

Although the government was defeated last night in a vote of non-confidence in the Commons, this 38th Parliament and its committees continue to live until the Governor General formally declares dissolution.

But the committee may not be able to enforce its summons if Dingwall runs out the clock.

Opposition MPs want to ask Dingwall about a $350,000 contingency fee he sought in helping companies get money from the federal Technology Partnerships Canada fund.

Last month, Dingwall said he wrote the contingency fee clause out of a lobbying contract after he found out that the fund didn't allow such fees.

Dingwall's lawyer, Ivan Whitehall, told The Globe and Mail Monday night that he's aware of the summons, but that he didn't know where his client could be reached.

Three of four Liberals on the government operations committee voted with the three opposition parties to issue the summons. One Liberal member abstained, while the one remaining Liberal voted against issuing the summons.

But if Dingwall fails to show up this morning, it doesn't mean he's off the hook. Committee chairman Leon Benoit, a Tory, and other committee members said the next Parliament could pick up on the issue and call for Dingwall to appear before it.

Dingwall was appointed president of the Mint in 2003. He resigned in September after an audit revealed an office expense account in the six figures.

But in October, an independent audit found that Dingwall's expenses did fall within Royal Canadian Mint guidelines, backing the former crown corporation president's claim that there was nothing wrong with his spending during his tenure.

Liberals Must Be Punished

Editorial-Toronto Sun

After 12 years, four governments and two prime ministers, it's not just time to boot the federal Liberals out of office.

It's time to drive a stake through their hearts, before they rise up again and bleed this country dry.

After losing a historic non-confidence motion in the Commons last night by a vote of 171-133, Paul Martin and the Liberals must now be driven from power by Canadians.

They must be defeated -- and not just because of the Liberal venality, arrogance, greed and theft exposed in AdScam.

They must be defeated because patients are dying in hospital emergency rooms, while the Liberals boast of piling up record surpluses of our money.(aka overtaxation)

Because Liberal corruption is directly responsible for the revival of the separatist threat in Quebec.

Because the Liberals' naive belief in mollycoddling criminals has left them paralysed and unable to respond to the ongoing gangs and guns crisis in Toronto.

Over the past 23 days, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Liberals have made $24.5 billion in election promises -- more than $1 billion a day or $44 million per hour! They hope this brazen vote-buying will somehow make voters forget the brazen corruption of AdScam.

But does anyone really believe that any of that money is going to improve the lives of average working Canadians? After all, the Liberals have made big promises and bribed us with our own money in election after election after election.

Ask yourself, after 12 years of Liberal rule, is our health care system better or worse? Are waiting lists for surgery and diagnostic tests longer or shorter? Is our military stronger or weaker? Do our immigration and refugee system, and our criminal justice system, inspire more confidence, or less?

No wonder Martin launched his campaign last night with the same old tired fearmongering about Stephen Harper and the Conservatives taking the country "backward." The Liberals have scarcely moved anything forward except spending and drastically increasing the intrusion of the federal government into our lives.

Twelve years of Liberal scandal, boondoggles, cronyism, corruption and theft have corroded our democracy.

Their long, shameful rule is over. It's now up to voters to seize this precious opportunity and make sure they stay history.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Two Great Days

Yesterday, the Edmonton Eskimos beat the Alouettes in one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever to be played. Hats off to the Al's they played one helluva game.

Then today, the opposition brought down the corrupt and inept liberals (Jack you kept this government in for far too long)on a pure non-confidence motion.

But overall, two great days for this level-headed Conservative.

For the sake of this country, I hope the liberals are voted out, this kind of massive and systemic liberal corruption must be punished, not rewarded with another mandate.

The liberals as far as I'm concerned have lost all rights to contribute to Canadian society, they broke the most fundamental rule of democracy - Using public money for the public good.

But as Gomery found, the libranos stole and used the sponsorship fund for their own kickback slush fund. $40 million is still missing, where is it Paul Martin?

Harper nailed it - liberals are organized criminals, if not why is there no one in jail yet?

Liberals Disgrace the Flag

Mr. Dithers once again wraps himself in the Canadian flag. This is disgraceful because through corruption and criminal behavior, the liberals have drastically increased the separtist movement in Quebec (and Alberta). In addition to that, they pretty destroyed most of Canada's institutions like Healthcare, Defence, and Education.

The liberals have damaged Confederation and have disgraced all Canadians with their attitude that they alone represent Canadian values.

Well Mr. Dithers, liberals do not speak for me and never will. If there is any party in Canada with a hidden agenda, its the liberals.

Hey Paul, where is the missing $40 million that Gomery pointed is still unaccounted for by a team of forensic auditors, that my friends is a hidden agenda, and is organized crime.

More Liberal Corruption - Income Trusts News Staff

Days after Finance Minister Ralph Goodale made a highly-anticipated announcement on income trust tax policy, the Conservative Party says the move smacks of corruption.

At a press conference in Ottawa Sunday, Conservative deputy house leader Jason Kenney demanded the Government answer allegations that Liberals who knew the announcement was coming may have spurred insider trading.

Following similar accusations from NDP finance critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Kenney conceded that Goodale's announcement was made after the markets had stopped trading on Wednesday.

But, quoting forensic accountant Al Rosen, the Conservative MP said the heavier-than-usual stock exchange trading volume earlier in the day, "smells like a leak."

"So far, Mr. Goodale has been dismissive of these very troubling questions of insider information having been leaked from his office, refusing to answer questions," Kenney told reporters at the hastily-convened press briefing.

He asked Goodale whether anyone in his office knew of the policy change before it was announced, and whether anyone spoke to Bay Street traders. Kenney went on to demand that Goodale ask the RCMP to investigate the matter.

The allegations come the day before the Liberal-led minority government is expected to fall in a non-confidence vote.

Kenney told reporters he has written to the Ontario Securities Commission to ask for an investigation, although he has no evidence aside from the high levels of trading last week before Goodale's announcement.

The NDP's Wasylycia-Leis has also asked whether insider trading took place, and raised her own suggestion that the RCMP investigate.

Income trusts are popular because they allow companies to pay most of their profits to investors as monthly distributions, while avoiding any corporate taxes.

Goodale's tax guideline changes forced by the Conservatives will reportedly cost the federal treasury $300 million a year in foregone tax revenue, according to The Canadian Press.

The changes will reduce personal income taxes on dividends. Goodale also announced that Ottawa will resume giving advance tax decisions on how the government treats pending trust conversions. The Finance Departments said this will make it easier for companies who want to restructure into a trust.

Paul Martin booed at the Grey Cup

As Prime Minister Paul Martin was introduced Sunday afternoon in Vancouver for the Grey Cup, the sellout crowd of 59,195 greeted him with resounding boos.

Martin and CFL commissioner Tom Wright then walked to midfield where the prime minister tossed a coin to determine who would start the game with the ball.

Just before Martin was introduced the crowd gave a warm welcome to Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean.

It looks like everyone in BC is not a fan of Mr. Dithers and his cadre of liberal bagmen.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Liberal Damages to Canada - Some Accounting

The liberals have destroyed almost every institution in Canadian society by wasting money, here are just a few examples, I'm sure I've missed many more:

Useless Gun registry: $2 Billion

Jane Stewart HRDC Scandal: $1 Billion

Jean Chretien Shawinigate: $1 million

Employment Insurance Theft: $40 billion

Failure to report the occurring GST fraud: $1 billion

New Helicopter Cancellation charges: $500 million

Obsolete and useless British submarines: $1 billion

Un-tendered contract for Bombardier: $100 million

George Radwanski - Privacy Commissioner double billing expenses : $250,000

Paul Martin's CSL contracts: $161 Million

Gov.Gen. Adrianne Clarkson: $41 million

Gomery Inquiry in liberal corruption: $100 million

Quebec Sponsorship Scandal: $350 million

Kyoto: $10 BILLION (aka NEP #2)

So thats roughly $56.3 billion dollars wasted by liberals and still they managed to gut Healthcare by $25 billion in the last 12 years.

Right now separtists in Quebec are ready to tear Confederation apart because of liberal corruption, when will Canadians decide that the liberals have damaged this country long enough.

Harper Should Apologize for What?

The libranos want Stephen Harper to apologize for his comments about linking the liberals to organized crime.

Why would Harper do that when its a true statement. Gomey indicated clearly that there was an elaborate money laundering kickback scheme that funneled federal contracts to advertising firms who did little or no work and then they gave laudered cash back to the liberal party of Canada.

There is still $40.5 million still unaccounted for in Gomery's report, even after forensic auditors poured over all the books. Where is this money? who got it?

John Reynolds was right, a crime took place and it was organized.

The liberals may not want Canadians to hear it, but they have been caught stealing money from taxpayers, that is still called organized crime these days.

When suitcases and envelopes of cash are delivered in back rooms, no one in the liberal party can tell me that its not organized crime.

Harper has nothing to apologize for, he's telling Canadians the facts that Gomery had also found.

Hopefully the liberal party of Canada will be sued, because someone got that $40.5 million, and my bet is that is went to pay for the last couple of liberal election campaigns. Only a criminal investigation will blow the lid off this liberal cover-up.

The only real stupidity here is that some Canadians will vote these liberal criminals back in.

Hopefully Canadians finally want to replace this corrupt and scandal ridden liberal "government" and clean the stench that's been coming out of Ottawa for 12 years.

Aboriginal Summit a Success?

Leave to the libranos to turn national embarrassment into a photo-op and spin the situation it to their advantage. There is nothing that spending $5 billion won't solve. As usual, the liberals throw money at every problem and refuse to look at the core social problems plaguing reserves across Canada.

Kacheshewan water/housing crisis and other liberal failures across Canadian Indian reserves has clearly illustrated how uncompassionate and hypocritical the liberals are. They claim to be a party that leaves no one behind, but its clear they are only concerned with maintaining power.

The only time liberals act on something is when its displayed in the media for all to see, case in point the sponsorship scandal. That liberal money laudering scheme would still be going today if not for Auditor General Sheila Fraser.

The liberal government was shamed and embarrased into having this summit,and that in itself is more disgraceful than anything.

The liberals have posted $100 billion in surpluses in the last 10 years (aka over-taxation) and to have currently one million children in poverty and First Nations living in 3rd world conditions across Canada clearly illustrates gross incompetence.

Phil Fontaine (AFN Grand Chief) should be very skeptical, Paul Martin and his hoard of criminals promise much, but history shows they deliver very little.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liberals Connection to Organized Crime?

Canadian Press
November 24, 2005]

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper made allegations of organized crime involvement with the Liberal party and government interference in police investigations in a speech he made to table a non-confidence motion aimed at toppling the minority government Thursday.

"A party that has been named in a judicial inquiry or Royal commission, been found guilty of breaking every conceivable law in the province Quebec with the help of organized crime cannot lecture the separatists or anyone else about respecting the rule of law," Harper charged in the House of Commons.

A vote on the motion is expected on Monday and if passed by the three opposition parties will force Prime Minister Paul Martin to call an election for as early as January 9.

Harper's speech was a stinging, verbal attack on the Liberal party, which was specifically cited in Justice John Gomery's fact-finding report on the sponsorship scandal.

Gomery also accused one senior party organizer of operating what he described as an "elaborate kickback scheme" aimed at funneling government money into the coffers of the Liberal party in Quebec.

Gomery never made specific links between the party and organized crime per se in his report on the sponsorship scandal.

However, he did hear testimony about unusually large sums of cash being given to Liberal party organizers in envelopes and even in suitcases, a practice more common in organized crime than political parties.

Michel Beliveau, who was executive director of the Liberal party in Quebec, testified before Gomery that during the 1997 election campaign Jacques Corriveau, a sponsorship subcontractor who was considered a friend of former prime minister Jean Chretien, handed him an envelope containing $75,000 to $100,000 in $20 and $100 bills.

That money was given to another Liberal party official to help out in ridings in Quebec where the Liberals did not have seats.

Marc-Yvan Cote, a Liberal party official in charge of many of the so-called orphan ridings, said Beliveau gave him $60,000 in cash in two envelopes containing $100 bills. He also said he received instalments of $40,000 and $20,000 in cash several weeks later.

Gomery found both men's testimony on these matters credible.

In a 2000, news conference in Ottawa, RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli said criminal groups were focusing on Parliament, courts and other institutions to destabilize Canada's political system.

"For the first time in this country, we are seeing signs of criminal organizations that are so sophisticated that they actually are focusing on destabilizing certain aspects of our society," Zaccardelli said at the time, without providing specific details.

"That's a real threat to us. There are criminal organizations that target this destabilization of our parliamentary system."

Harper also alleged a cover up of the scandal by the ruling party, noting that so far only four people have been charged in the scandal, and the only person charged from government has been Chuck Guite, the senior bureaucrat who ran the program.

Guite told the inquiry that he was operating the program with the direction of senior political figures in the Chretien government at the time.

"So far, criminal charges have been pursued against relatively small fry in the sponsorship scandal and no one has gone to jail. We also know that $40 million is still missing from the Gomery Inquiry figures, where is it, who got the money?" Harper said in his speech.

"As long as the guilty party remains in governing this country, as long as it remains in office, nobody will ever be held truly responsible. Nobody will ever be truly punished. And no real reforms will ever be made."

Monday, November 14, 2005

Why Canada is $500 Billion in Debt

Mulroney's Tories inherited a deficit of $38.5 billion from Trudeau's Liberals, which was nearly 9% of GDP -- the largest in the history of Canada.

The federal debt had increased by 1,100% under Trudeau's time as PM, and interest skyrocketed to 18% because of the reckless liberal fiscal policies.

The net federal debt was $17 billion when Trudeau came in and $128 billion when he left office.

There was no federal deficit when he took control and a $38.5 billion dollar annual deficit by the time of his departure.

So tell me who's responsible for Canada's national debt and financial woes?

Trudeau was the reason fo the recession in the 1980's, and coupled with the reckless NEP is the reason why liberals have done serious damage to this country.

Ontario, time to wake up !!

We Knew This Was Coming - "mini-budget"

The libranos, trying to turn the channel from the fall-out from the sponsorship scandal have decided to give Canadians some tax relief. This should've been an economic forecast, but turned into another liberal photo op to spew billions of dollars to buy us off.

Having a $12 billion surplus equates to over-taxation and not sound fiscal management.

Sadly Canadians (especially in Ontario) are easily bought off these days and would rather have liberals steal their money than try to really improve Canada by voting in a Conservative government.

To buy Canadians off with their own money is disgraceful and makes common-sense Canadians want nothing more than an election sooner to get this country rid of the liberal crime syndicate.

Canadians want change in Ottawa and no amount of money the liberal mafia will bribe them with will matter.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Liberals Once Again Buying Off Quebec

Canadian Press

MONTREAL (CP) - Quebec will get upward of $500 million more in federal transfer payments next year, Transport Minister Jean Lapierre said Friday.

Lapierre, the Liberals' Quebec lieutenant, said the increase results from a deal reached earlier in the day between Prime Minister Paul Martin and Quebec Premier Jean Charest. He made the announcement in a speech to the opening session of a weekend meeting of the party's Quebec wing, which has been battered in voter support in the wake of the sponsorship scandal.

Charest has long complained about a so-called fiscal imbalance between what Quebec taxpayers contribute to the federal treasury and what is returned in transfers for social and other programs.

Under the deal, Quebec will see the amount it receives from Ottawa next year upped by $566 million from this year's amount of $4.8 billion.

Lapierre expects the new formula will be in place by the 2007-2008 fiscal year.

He denied the announcement was made in hopes of boosting the Liberals' sagging fortunes in Quebec, where the Bloc Quebecois leads by wide margins in most polls.

After his speech, Lapierre rejected doomsday predictions that his party could take a beating at the hands of the Bloc in the next election.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Ontario to Vote in The Libranos Again?

Once again Ontario falls for the liberals chicken-little, the sky-is-falling routine.

What is going to take to convince Ontario that the liberals are destroying the country in every conceivable way?

If the liberals are voted in again, Ontario and the liberals will bear sole responsibility for tearing confederation apart.

Western Canada is tired of liberal corruption, anyone that votes liberal in the next federal election should be charged with treason or stupidity.

Stephen Harper is not part of a criminal organization, so that alone makes him a better choice than Mr. Dithers and his cadre of liberal bagmen.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Martin Exonerated?

What a farce! The Gomery Inquiry failed Canadians. Why are there no liberals in jail right now?

Paul Martin was the Finance Minister, the senior liberal minster in Quebec, and President of the Treasury Board for 12 years and he didn't know where a quater of billion dollars went?

Either Paul Martin is lying to Canadians or completely incompetent.

Lets not forget that the liberals started the sponsorship program in the first place, so they all supported it and are responsible for its administration. To say Paul Martin is exonerated is ludicrous.

So then by this logic, Paul Martin is not responsible for the spiralling gun registry costs, the HRDC boondoggle, $40 billion EI surplueses, or gutting Healthcare either? Give me a break !

The liberals as a party are responsible for stealing money, no one person can be held to account, the whole party must bear the blame since they all voted for it.

For the sake of justice, I hope the Canadians Taxpayers Federation, the National Citizens Coalition, and the opposition parties sue the liberal party of Canada for stealing and outright theft. Only a criminal investigation into the liberals will really tell how much they stole from Canadians, I bet their shredder is working 24-7 in their offices since the Auditor General broke this wide open

The $1.1 million the libranos paid back to Canadians is a drop in the bucket, there is speculation they owe taxpayers $40 million.

Not one liberal is in jail today for stealing this money, this is why Canada is becoming a banana republic and our ranking on government corruption globally has increased dramatically.

Saddam Hussein's Baath Party looks cleaner than these libranos.

How the RCMP deals with this criminal activity will tell if they are too politically connected to the government.

Christmas Election? Best Present We've Ever Had

Paul Martin and Jack Layton say Canadians don't an election before Christmas.

They couldn't be more wrong, Canadians would love to send this corrupt and criminal liberal government packing. Having a new Conservative government in Ottawa would be the best xmas present this country has had in 12 years.

As usual, Mr. Dithers spouts off that seniors could lose their pensions (don't talk about how you destroyed income trusts there Paul), kids in poverty won't get their milk, and the sky will fall if they are defeated before they are good and ready.

Mr. Dithers loves to walk in and shovel tons of cash to get a photo op to hopefully buy people with their own money, that won't work anymore Paul. The liberals are a morally blank party with old thinking and tired policies. I for one can't wait for the election, too bad the NDP kept the libranos in power for this long.

People in the rest of Canada realize this is typical liberal sleaze, but unfortunately Ontario always falls for the chicken little - the sky is falling routine.

After 12 years of complete corruption, criminality and utter incompetence, its time this country got back its dignity and common sense.

Hopefully Ontario will not fail Canadians yet again.

Next Election Results Already Determined

I'm wondering why Atlantic Canadians and Ontario keep voting in the liberal mafia, what is going to take for these regions to realize that after 12 years of liberal government, the country is being destroyed.

Healthcare has been gutted by the liberals in the tune of $25 billion in Healthcare transfer payments.

Defense capability to protect the country's interests are negligible at best. (there are more working submarines in West Edmonton Mall than in the Canadian navy, we won't even discuss the Sea Kings)

Liberals have increased separtist sentiments in Quebec and Alberta, therefore placing Confederation in serious jeopardy.

$2 billion gun registry has done nothing to curb gun related crimes, liberals figure that criminals would register their guns before robbing a bank, etc. as usual they get it wrong.

Take $40 billion in EI premiums from Canadian companies and workers and use this for general revenue, talk about reducing Canadian business productivity.

And of course, the sponsorship scandal, the largest kickback scheme ever devised in the history of Canada. Mr. Dithers and company wrote a cheque for $1.1 million to "pay back" what they stole from Canadians, but there is speculation that it could have been as high as $40 million for the last 12 years. Hopefully the liberal party of Canada gets sued for the rest of the stolen dirty money.

The list goes on and on..................

As long as Ontario keeps voting liberal, its over by the time it hits the Manitoba border.